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Dec 16


I want this video to go VIRAL… would be funny if it did.

Oct 26

The Shawn Wilcox Band “(can’t take my) Dignity”

Please visit our website at www.theshawnwilcoxband.com The Shawn Wilcox Band may change your notions about what old time mountain music was by artfully embroidering hillbilly sounds with modern techniques. There are more guitar amplifiers than banjos in the Appalachian mountains and more drum sets than fiddles… surprise. The grandson of a Tennessee moonshiner, Shawn Wilcox, …

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May 08

How many rednecks does it take to change a stop sign??I 2 many

From my counts 5 to put the spikes in the ground a jackhammer thing a month later 4 more to hang the sign up a backhoe thing 10 trucks a couple trailers And 10 numskulls to come up with the idea!Alpena Michigan Video Rating: 0 / 5