May 29

The Return of Kung Fu Hillbilly (Part 1)

Diemon Dave aka KungFu Hillbilly is back on Jerry Springer. This time he has a training video and is looking to rid all the trailer parks of crime. Watch this clip as he demonstrates his skills on Pete Kelly and explains to Jerry the nature of his new business. Also, make sure to check out www.jerryspringertv.com for more videos, games and merchandise from The Jerry Springer Show!!!!


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  1. wyckoffd

    wtf is that person in the background at 2’47?? some black monkey?


  2. valenciajl

    The best Part is at 3:43 – “I can’t help she’s want’n me to put my nun chuck in her t’mater can”!!! CLASSIC! I’m gonna have to remember that one! ROFL!

  3. paraminta

    did anyone else see the gorilla??????????
    look 2:47

  4. chandmusic

    who’s the guy without lower body?

  5. MiniMelo15

    any1 get a word comin out his mouth? looool

  6. mcog2006

    That’s Kenny.

  7. mutanthillbillies17

    LOL at 3:02, little red ridin’ hood

  8. KhanShin

    lol i do not have a damn clue about what that no-legged man/woman is doing there… that show’s weird anyway

  9. Crowrocker71

    LMAO!! watch out for ninja man folks! =)

  10. covGuk

    is this a skit?

  11. ihf666

    wtf was he saying towards the end :O

  12. spardaking

    wtf is that behind the chair at 2:48

  13. edyXTC

    gar and tee??? lmao!!!

  14. JackLuft

    Obviously humouring him. :3

  15. zippywaite


  16. BaronBlood138

    hilarious kungjitsu master

  17. Tysapimp

    Ninjy Chop.

  18. jus2sik

    man wheres part 2

  19. jus2sik

    Kenny Easterday

  20. zaygezunt

    Who is the guy with no lower body?

    Goorantee! lol

  21. Angerfist

    AAA show.
    keep up the great work!

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