May 30

Crazy Redneck // Big D Rapping

this is me and my son Matt doing a little redneck rap

default Crazy Redneck // Big D Rapping

Just a little video we put together to the song Southern Fried.
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  1. CommandoKrueger

    Big D a brew swiggin muthafucka yo fucken cool funny mayn insane!

  2. TheresaJosh08

    HAHAHAHAHA This video is awesome!!! If Big D were to make more songs like this and start selling CDs..I would buy every single one!!!! LOL My hubby and I LOVE this video!!

  3. stevish74

    big d is not racist the people who are racist are the comedians from the blue collar tour.big D rules!!

  4. Allonzop1

    Its 2012 shouldnt we be done with racism? I hate bums like this -_-

  5. gearjammr82

    This shit never gits old! U the man Big D!

  6. Super1990mustang

    Funny shit

  7. mikestone1221

    Im mike d and I got a buzz

  8. jessiesmom100

    I think you are so funny….lmbo

  9. elreeb691

    I’m with ya need some help.I like to drink and i like to fight.

  10. chaddyadair123

    hey mother fucker hey mother fucker hey

  11. chrisfarley868

    big D is bad ass

  12. fatprick44

    that was actually pretty good…

  13. TheScottmcmurrey

    hahahahaha, you funny sum bitch. i got a buzz to

  14. TheScottmcmurrey

    hahahahaha, you funny sum bitch. i got a buzz to

  15. TheScottmcmurrey

    hahahahaha, you funny sum bitch. i got a buzz to

  16. TheScottmcmurrey

    hahahahaha, you funny sum bitch. i got a buzz to

  17. missnenemorris

    <3 me some big D , he funny as hell !!

  18. missnenemorris

    <3 me some big D .. he funny as hell

  19. coutryboyfromyHELL

    haha this is what all my family members are like… I LOVE THIS SHIT

  20. bobo15308

    due u a crazy moll fucka man u the best southern pride

  21. hectorsalinasisback

    Rednecks would rather spend billions in U.S. tax dollars to invade and brutally occupy sovereign nation in the middle east, instead of using that money to help our own people here in America first. Rednecks are pro-war liberals & bullies. Obama is just another liberal with policies very similar to Bush, who was one of the most liberal presidents we ever had. Rednecks are anti-American scum. Spend our tax dollars to create new jobs & heal our economy you retarded hillbilly liberals!

  22. ArmoredSt

    lmao big camel toe lookin my way lmaooooooooooooooooooo

  23. Bob67755

    one of my first favorite raps….bling gives you a nice touch…

  24. roughneckin1000


  25. jessicavoice


  26. HonkingRedneck

    i could say the same.

  27. Heimdall1992

    redneck for president

  28. connorwhitted

    why did he call hiself a blue blood

  29. dirtyjew1974

    wanna see some yankees being poked fun of for a change then watch the honk at the yankee music video lol…crazy stuff!

  30. garymwest

    ok will do

  31. TheRedneck221

    well you can kiss my country ass and after you do that go an kiss yur mom

  32. Shaydaria

    Kiss My Redneck/Country Ass!
    ~*Country Girl Shay*~

  33. garymwest

    at least my iq is grater than my shoe size

  34. theredneckchevy100

    and we hate u

  35. garymwest

    i hate rednecks

  36. MatthewsC294

    That song describes my life.

  37. Shaydaria

    Enjoy the View ;)

  38. jackncope

    can u buy his cd online?

  39. TheWesWilliams

    If you don’t like what your seeing u dint have to look

  40. Bama102393

    R u country ???? this is every country person song

  41. cavalierlilc

    damm straight stay contry an stay proud

  42. GeorgiaBoii32

    southern pride !

  43. cavalierlilc

    rebel born and il be rebal dead when i die give a yeee haaaa if from the boot aka louisiana

  44. 105248abc

    im a redneck and i take offence to part of this song its says, im a redneck blue blood white trash cuta bubba. im damn shour i arnt white trash. white trash in alabama cook meth .

  45. THEREDNECK12311

    i am to born rebel die rebel!!!

  46. 7redneck0girl7

    Love this song! 

  47. 89CJKELLEY

    Damn Straight!!! Rite outta GA

  48. Wietting1

    @129yamahaboy YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, im with you on that

  49. Wietting1


  50. champbowhunter32

    wow this is me

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