Jun 02

CMT’s My Big Redneck Vacation – Supertrailer

Get an exclusive first look at My Big Redneck Vacation. The series follows the real-life, naturally-entertaining extended Clampet family. Born and raised in the South, they embark on a “fish out of water” experience by visiting a fancy beach rental in the Hamptons for the summer, indulging in the high-end lifestyle of the Upper East Coast and bringing their southern flare to any situation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. policemanaaron

    Assuming every redneck is a racist is like assuming every black is a drug dealer.

  2. KillerGurl20

    HELL YEAH!!! Rednecks can make a boring situation into a PARTY!!

  3. harleyissosexy

    I served them today, it’s all a set up, reality my ass.

  4. EsterElmer

    Unfortunately i am from this exact city and I must say most of the rednecks here are rich and smart. Maybe it’s just the location O.o

  5. germanandaustria2

    Love this showw so sad it endend all ready! I love rednecks! Country must be Country wide!

  6. Deanocub

    The song is “Country Must Be Country Wide”, by Brantley Gilbert.

  7. Deanocub

    The name of the show’s Theme song is” Country is Country Wide”.

  8. clownaround922

    @HuskerPete420 It was an all expense paid trip. CMT footed the bill.

  9. eclipse318

    Apparently you are against”s” spelling too lol

  10. lonestarstringing

    I loves these people there are so funny

  11. ubberrubber

    seriously you think these people are rednecks they cant even fake it good theres a difference in being stupid and being a redneck. roseann barr is more of a redneck than these posers..hope this show cancels soon

  12. HuskerPete420

    these people are rich for rednecks, real rednecks are poor as shit.. some wealthy rednecks lol

  13. celinabrat2016

    whats the name of the theme song for this??

  14. dakotah185282

    i love these people! i would love to vacay with them!

  15. drumgirl187

    or the magical mixture of both, haha

  16. JimDunna

    Michelle is so cute!

  17. 1987jocj1113

    Love dis show.. da best… Ppl knw how to have a good time…

  18. dino1359

    i say they are awesome thats my vote

  19. mattfoxism

    country must be country wide

  20. WeiXtheWizard

    not sure if this makes southern americans seem silly or awesome :D

  21. jdas2727

    I also have heard the shows theme song so many time but forget the name. what is it!!!

  22. HannahWil123

    i am PROUD of my Family!!!!!:D

  23. brahhkey

    what is this shows theme song? its a good song but i cant figure what it’s called

  24. johncameron9

    I am a proud redneck from the ArkLaTex, and wouldnt want to be any other way!

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