Jun 02

String Bean – Hillbilly Music Goin’ Round (1950s)


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  1. Rog9256

    Don’t makem like ole String anymore , gotta love him:):):)

  2. Sammys09


  3. mandograssable

    LOL White people’s music, and black people’s dress code.

  4. equap

    its a hood thing og :-)

  5. GaPlayer

    so, is string bean owe’d the credit for the dress styles of some of our youth today?

  6. NnoyingNnoying

    sean bean

  7. CuteCatFaith

    I am American, from Ohio, and hillbilly music was a favorite of my late father. I live in France now and appreciate the Celtic aspects of this music. I also like the diddly bow. African. Bluegrass music can be intensely sophisticated and I am proud to know a player in Virginia of that. Just about the first song I ever learned to play on guitar was WILDWOOD FLOWER, what an interesting song! Great posting, thank you, uprated.

  8. allu2586


  9. marfamyers

    R.I.P String Bean! Ole Time Bluegrass at it’s best!

  10. RedneckDrow1991

    Good ol’ String! I still feel the fever brother! RIP and Lord bless!

  11. RegLeachFan

    Epic, cheers everyone. That’s great stuff we never saw since we were kids.

    Country today isn’t any fun at all. Just a bunch of sackless crybabies.

  12. faisal437

    better then rap my gay bro said so

  13. harveylee86

    why no audio for me

  14. RexNihilo

    This is some good stuff. It’s not “bluegrass”, it’s “old time”…

    …but who gives a rodent’s rectum? It’s our history, and not many are keeping it alive. And ultimately, it’s good music.

  15. klawtheclown

    The lesson is: People create amazing things when they forget about stupidities like racism!

  16. binoyrakesh

    I genuinely love this music and the old Mississippi Delta Blues. I love Robert Johnson. I’d like to know more about him. All this is so beautiful.

  17. binoyrakesh

    well well , what do you know ! America DOES have something called CUlture and History. :)

  18. blazed101

    this guy right here created the hip hop “gangster” clothes long ass shirt and sagging pants lol

  19. PJ303

    loving the trousers, I see where the kids of today got their inspiration!

  20. eotto2001

    Bill Monroe’s partner was a black man.

  21. HillbillyBoogie1

    Real music!

  22. icwutudidtharlulz

    lol k

  23. danzigvi

    go fuck yourself you stupid mother fucker

  24. icwutudidtharlulz

    you’re a moron. nothing that he said was negative.

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