Jun 03

Homemade Tank

This guy is my favorite! He gets pissed off at the town and makes a homemade tank! That is something I personally haven’t seen.


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  1. godlypersoniam

    he committed suicide in his ‘tank’

  2. johnskoda


  3. ashinms

    Yeah, okay, nice. If I ever did this, though, I’d put a turret on it like a REAL tank.

  4. pronto355

    He spent a year building a tank and no one noticed?
    Neighbour “Whatcha building”
    Heemeyer “……um……nuthin”

  5. swordssmith

    I know what I’m doing this weekend

  6. WantCoffee99

    I do not like these tv shows because the celebrity comentrary is annoying. Take that out and they would be better to watch.

  7. juarezrt

    He destroyed public buildings, that harmed EVERYONE in the city, because they ended up paying for new ones. He didn’t stop to see if they were occupied or not. He didn’t care if those bullets would ricochet and hit innocents. He just flat out didn’t care.

    And all because he couldn’t have it his way. Tough shit. Good riddance.

  8. DoctorFreeman97

    Fuck you. The government took everything he owned, and expected him to just shrug and do nothing. And hey retard, he only destroyed the buildings of the people who screwed him over! And he never harmed a single person. He only fired those rifles in the ground next to him yelling “Please step back, I dont want to hurt anyone!” so no, he wasnt an idiot. He just had the balls to do something.

  9. AquorServers

    Note to self: Make one of these as a last resort in case of zombie attack.

  10. TheMarko09az

    Destroy America!!!

  11. AntagonisticEnemy

    That does not look like a ww2 tank. It looks like that stupid ww1 german tank

  12. juarezrt

    Its easy to criticize because… THE MAN WAS AN IDIOT! He put lives in danger and caused $5million in damage to the town, all because he was mad.

    He was just another coward who wanted to have it his way, but couldn’t. Life sucks. Get used to it.

    He should have just killed himself if he wasn’t man enough to deal with it.

  13. beastlyazz69

    i would have made a armored go kart dune buggy that sits inside of the bull dozer to get away hahaha

  14. 1emanres

    Democracy versus freedom. This incident was just one of many throughout history pertinent to this little understood issue.

  15. ramtes1971

    Life is not fair, and we have to cope with that.
    But at some stage, some people ruins deliberately some people’s life, and thats when some people will fight to the bitter end.


    which police auction can I purchase it at?

  17. tristonrf

    he took his own life and it took welders hours to get in. he knew that he wasnt going to see the next day. the commentators are way too fucking stupid

  18. Bumblestinker

    For those of you who don’t know, there is a longer, more detailed version of this, in the form of most wild police videos format. The town’s Sheriff was interviewed and he said he thought long and hard about whether or not he should call in an airstrike from the local Army base. The Sherif came close to destroying the tank by targeting the tank and launching an AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-Tank Missile from a waiting AH-64D Apache Longbow. Fortunately the police got to the guy first before that happen

  19. 360marston

    i would have designed it to have a retractable tunnel and fled thru the sewers.

  20. ImGodUFUCK

    actually the engine failed, the it took the officers anther few hours to kill him because they had no access into it, and that dude was fucking armed

  21. Altanese

    Yes, this man is a hero. He terrorized a town, destroyed private property, and put innocent lives at risk. Give him a freaking medal for sticking it to the man, right?

    While we’re at it let’s make a park statue for the Oklahoma City bomber, and name a few streets after Osama bin Laden.

  22. mayorcete

    Put it a better use to it? Then they should better have given him a job!

    Bunch of villager suckers…

  23. slippery396

    Well … there are just some guys you don’t wanna fuck with … and he’s one of them.

  24. plasticman2k

    who da chik??!

  25. CBAsystems

    Damn guess this guy had some talent yeah lucky he did’tn take those talents to MEXICO or imagine that>>>CARTELS yeah tank .. SI CHU BUILD ESTA TANKS SI …$

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