Jun 27

1017 Yard Coyote Greybull Precision John Burns

John Burns makes a very long shot on a call shy coyote. John is using the P105 rifle in 243 Win. Our custom scope has a yardage marked turret that is matched to this individual rifle and load performance for drop and wind drift. The right equipment, fairly calm conditions, a solid prone rest, and plenty of practice at similar distances all came together.

I’m quite excited about this. Never played the first one but I love me some George Romero style zombie action and humor. Geforce 9800GT 1GB, 2GB of Ram, Intel i5 750 2.67ghz 4 core, Windows 7. Thank you for watching, feel free to comment, and please check out my many other gaming videos/subscribe!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. MrDrGoaty

    best song i ever heard from you

  2. 8kanoro8

    lol that song was funny as hell man

  3. Nectons1

    Lol dude ! We see the girls underwear at 0:02 !! Wtf !

  4. 111goo

    are u on pc?

  5. 111goo

    i like the pioneer hat with the child superhero outfit rofl it looks hilarious

  6. MangaGirl551

    at the beginning it sounded like they were doing it XD

  7. TheKnight447

    That one dislike was probably a redneck. lol

  8. solidsnake1414

    thats the most disturbing cloths i have evar seen on a chactacter… lol

  9. jpols01


  10. TheRandomkid321

    At tis time about just before you got message about kate i was literally saying zombrex zombrex remember the zombrex.

  11. rays4900sox9900

    best song ever

  12. JohnnyKnodoff

    @MrNotFaker34 Probably because we have a sense of humor.

  13. MrGlador

    y are you dressed as a girl

  14. JodyJenkinsBand

    You need to put that on youtube as the redneck song!!

  15. SpySappingMySandvich

    u can drop an equipped item on the computer version by pressing arrow key down

  16. XreppinXnoobsX

    hey i live in east tennessee and i dont do that =(

  17. goducks1011

    your pretty crazy

  18. TeamVizi0n

    i love how this one has a zombie every inch but the fiorst one didnt have anywhere near as much

  19. JohnnyKnodoff


  20. metalcoreboy95

    Assholes Saved! haha yay :D 

  21. JohnnyKnodoff

    I’m not sure, it might have been in the pharmacy. I grab it in the first few vids though.

  22. HordeCarmine

    how did you get dust mask????

  23. SNAKE2500

    Indeed! :D Legendary for sure!

  24. Just4Th3Lulz

    A snapped neck maybe.

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