Jul 03

The Kinks – Alcohol

Muswell Hillbillies (1971) and on the album Everybody’s In Show-Biz (1972).


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  1. iamkilla213

    i love this song best kink song ever :D ooo demon alchol sad memories i can’t recall who thought i would say damn it all and blow it all/ooo demon alchol sad memories i can’t recall who thought i would fall a slave to alchol


    Alcohol the solution to and cause of all of life problems ; )

  3. pinescarpin


  4. kurt knutsen

    ass hole!

  5. thomasmantellwilliam

    Treat yourself to a terrific album, Muswell HilIbillies, every track a winner, I’ve had it on vinyl and cd, I Love It, thank you, Gentlemen…The Kinks!!!  Paisley Tom 06 22 2012

  6. katie mcfadden

    This is my favorite song.

  7. martindj88

    Bad effects such as what? Unjust risk of imprisonment?

  8. SuperFinelines

    I would have considered your comment but the acronym ”LOL” makes me think you’re in no position to be giving out medical advice.

  9. theseventhprotocol

    Sounds like you had a bad trip on weed.Chill out and take your meds. LOL !

  10. DulceLechuza

    What a beautiful song! Just perfect!!! I could not describe drunkenness in a better way!

  11. SuperFinelines

    Do you realise how stupid you sound? ”Smoke the weed instead”….if weed was fine then there wouldn’t be so many bad effects. Yes alcohol is bad. But what you’ve just said is fucking idiotic.

  12. marguitar1

    I’ve thought that the Kinks were a decent band for a long time because I was only aware of their early riffy rock stuff. The more I hear and find out about them, I realize they are EXCEPTIONAL! VERY creative group indeed!

  13. robertowen48

    Goat- I am 63. Those who think life is short haven’t lived it yet! McGrevy-I have drunk enough to float Kate Adams from Memphis to New Orleans and I enjoyed every drop. Brewing and distilling are God’s magic for man’s enjoyment. You go Goat!

  14. robertowen48

    What is the problem w/mr. goatbeach? Makes sense to me!

  15. Nanake7

    Buy “Alcohol” on: iTunes
    I know this joke was said many times!

  16. DavidfromBA

    126,346 views as I type this – take heart, CIPPproductions, take heart.

  17. Raisume24

    I love this song so much. <3

  18. Jay Gold

    sad memories… i can’t recall

  19. theseventhprotocol

    drunks are so stupid and sad. it’s really bad when they drive and kill people.Demon alcohol has ruined so many lives. Smoke the weed instead. Great song by one of the best bands.

  20. xtoxicthrasherx

    Better us knowing about it and appreciating it then everbody knowing about it thinking there hella experts when they’ve only heard like one song, am i right? Drink up! :D

  21. MrGrevy


  22. GoatBeach

    Friend, when you get six decades down, and have buried, married, birthed, and raised as many brothers, sisters, kids (nieces, nephews, grandcritters, et.al) as I have, and you are still able to go to work with a song in your heart and joy in what you do (I’m an ornamental/structural welder-handyman in a coastal village), have a mate that loves you (& you love back), you learn to appreciate every day you wake up on the right side of the dirt. If I want a beer after work, I’ll have one. Cheers!

  23. MrGrevy

    lol yeah I bet. Keep telling yourself that. Unbelievable.

  24. GoatBeach

    I have not wasted a single second. I have enjoyed every moment and tasted every fruit. I am loved and I love. My work is my art. And I am blessed with Music as a friend.

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