Aug 10

(Part 2/3) Dennis Anderson Mud Bog – North vs South 9/11/10

This is from the first half of the mud bog. Everyone was taking it easy so they didnt break right away. My camera died before they really started going crazy. The video is kinda shakey because we overloaded the stands… we were all standnig and it was flexing and bouncing. The “petted” part…the little girl behind me was petting my head, tried to get it but no success. Too tired to mess with editing it, and both my camera and my editing program is being a complete PAIN! Time for a new camera.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A Walkthrough of the 80th Mission From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Don Peyote, in HD. For: Four Dragons Casino Description: Find Maccer and Kent Paul in the desert and bring them back to Las Venturas. Location: Las Venturas/Bone County Reward: Respect +
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. skatersfriend

    mud molestation

  2. MegaQuija

    GO MUD TATER!!! lol

  3. Strankon

    To the guy in the video who said, referring to Bad To The Bone, “dat thars a cheby motor) WRONG! I know the owner personally. can you say KEITH BLACK HEMI?

  4. MercuryMorrison1

    Its not because chevy motors run any better its because they are cheap peice’s of shit.

  5. SoutherMudder11

    Some of them trucks are running cams in them motors but like I say I’m eating chevy shitting ford or Ford fix or repair daily fucked on race day found on road dead shit it’s a ford

  6. JL157

    Lmao! The majority of them in the fords actually are running Chevy motors.

  7. awblackmamba

    why does that fucking retard everytime he sees a ford just putting out the true power that tey do he says” oh thats chevy power rigt there” tell the imbread asshole to shut the fuck up

  8. darkstarking666

    -good vid man.

  9. MacBOM15

    I’m really liking Bad To The Bone. That truck is beast.

  10. daniel mang

    8:45OG Loc and big smoke

  11. 319dodge

    you shouldent have pulled over

  12. miniroar

    he was confirmed as a pedestrian by rockstar

  13. Rotten Scum

    I just found out that you can also kill Millie, it’s faster.

  14. RanFeiwell


  15. TheLuca2001

    Ah man…

  16. DumitrescuEduard

    thumbs up if you know: the farmer in black is SERIAL KILLER if you dont know him is the man in black from 7:27 near that lady

  17. RobloxSugarFanta

    Its Kent Paul :D

  18. Minnie2009100

    if you keep driving after paul throws up without getting to the snake farm, maccer will be asking you to stop the car to take a piss.

  19. coolgal982


  20. Midhun Benny

    hai i finished breaking the banks
    so where i can find the next mission

  21. insanity2amillion

    I HATE ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. gunnery18

    Kent Paul? From Vice City! I didn’t notice! I noticed Rosenberg but not Kent. Wonder what happened to him? why isn’t he at his gay club in VC?

  23. mrmeltrox

    poor Maccer was hoped that rosie is big tited fem xD

  24. Sonerr9700

    Uhm… can anyone explain what the ‘red bumpies’ is ._.?

  25. 4deiter


  26. 4deiter

    or KILL Millie…

  27. bondsmoka

    why don’t you kill those fools, are you a bitch?

  28. markosdangerous

    7:02 - 7:34 LMFAO!!!

  29. thegreatone987

    i loled when kent paul threw up

  30. dombazz98

    or just kill millie :D

  31. GTASeriesGuides

    Complete Key to her Heart, date Millie, get the keycard, wait for Woozie’s phonecall.

  32. TimmyOfOfficial

    Hello. Dude you know how I can do the mission “Breaking the bank at Caligula”? I await your prompt response, I remain.

  33. GTASeriesGuides

    It’s what you get after completing 50 fares.

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