Aug 21

Petticoat Junction – Cannonball Christmas Part 3 of 3

I don’t know what it was about this show that I found so entertaining, but it’s just one of those things you can’t really explain. It’s not that the show was particularly funny, but it had a certain charm about it that I didn’t find in similar shows that depended on a gimmick such as Beverly Hillbillies or Green Acres. There was no pretense about what it was. In the first few seasons, the show did spend way too much time with Homer Bedloe trying to put the Cannonball out of business. When they finally had done all they could with that story line, the show became much better, at least in my opinion. In this episode from Season One, it is Bedloe trying play Scrooge and trying to put the Cannonball out to the scrap heap once again.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Early meets celebrities T-Pain and Kevin Gillespie, then chooses a coffin.


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  1. Juliaflo

    I second that.

  2. 5433429

    A Great big dream for a railfan or is it a dream

  3. MyRumplestiltskin

    Sad but in today’s time this would be politically incorrect with them singing songs that mention Christ and seeing the words Merry Christmas on the back of the train instead of Happy Holidays.

  4. patp464

    Funny how Charles Lane always plays that guy you love to hate but end up liking. He’s perfect for the parts that he plays. Great Chrstimas episode. I said “wow” when I saw the Cannonball decorated. Funny to see Homer Bedloe in the Santa suit (that was simply the best part). Thanks for sharing.

  5. SeanMBryans


  6. kduideo

    I knew that and it was NICE to hear the REAL theme song!!

  7. railroadflatsweetpea

    Honey did ya just HAVE to split that hair? Pyle Pyl PILE!

  8. nanlisa

    Oh this is just beautiful and so inspiring! The Hooterville Cannonball all decked out for Christmas. And going through the countryside at night singing traditional Christmas carols.

  9. nanlisa

    Oh this is just beautiful and inspiring. The Hooterville Cannonball all decked out and going through the countryside at night.

  10. 4freespeech

    Its in the eye of the beholder. The first season of Petticoat Junction has
    always been my favorite, and by that time the railroads HAD scrapped all but
    a handful of the great old “Iron Horses” some of us remember so well from
    childhood. This show was America, but more like the 1930s, and that was
    the premise, that the Hooterville folk were isolated and old fashioned in a
    time when Americans were seeking their roots. This episode is a cherished
    bit of TV history of a time mostly forgotten.

  11. mrbrenz

    The innocence of childhood and those grand days of yore…

  12. mrbrenz

    The innocence of childhood and those grand days of your…

  13. phuckizlam

    We need TV to go back to shows like this again. I could almost puke my guts out when I see what rot we have today.

  14. Juliaflo

    Actually, there is no final ‘e’-it’s just Jean Vander Pyl.

  15. islamsucksallah

    And Wilma Flintstone sure wouldn’t be Wilma without the voice of Jean Vander Pyle.

  16. Juliaflo

    I thoroughly second that.

  17. islamsucksallah

    Betty Rubble wouldn’t be Betty Rubble without Bea Benederett’s voice.

  18. Christmasfellow2008

    Yes, I know that. At the time I uploaded this the complete first season wasn’t released yet. The Christmas episode was on a generic public domain set, and was not included on the initial official “best of” set that was released. That public domain episode did not include the real them song.  So I simply spliced it on there rather than not have it at all. Of course all that changed with the official release of the complete first season which is now available but wasn’t at the time.

  19. IvorBarry

    The credits for this episode are wrong. They are from the episode “The President who came to Dinner” which aired on 8 October 1963.

  20. truegritwayne

    That tree looks like it’s about ready to tip over. lol

  21. handyman0422

    Reflective of an era of greatness that is sadly gone. People were genuine, Christmas was fun for everyone because it was a happy time whether you believed or not. Thanks for posting. I showed it to my kids and they loved it.

  22. geezer71655

    aired on CBS from 1963 – 1970

  23. Juliaflo

    I second that.

  24. geezer71655

    I loved this show as a kid, I never get tired of watching it. The acting was believable, it sucked U right into the show. The writing was great. …..Green Acres was just as funny. Comedy on TV today doesn’t even come close to programs from this “era”.

  25. theLOTP

    is that a coffin made out of a guitaur shaped jack daniels bottle. Why yes, yes it is.

  26. ZeusViper2

    Oh i know tehpayne

  27. ejm1225

    I’ll think for my final wishes.

  28. Emily Pinilla

    Runetube10 es pato cabron

  29. Emily Pinilla

    Obvio el cabron es faggot

  30. runetube10

    I LOVE TPAIN… homo…
    or am i?

  31. runetube10

    and how his wife has an err necklace

  32. deftones1010170

    cool :)

  33. robotarcade

    I think it’s pronounced Ig- nig-nock-t.

  34. deftones1010170

    how do you pronounce that? aqua teen hunger force is awesome :)

  35. robotarcade

    I want an Ignignokt necklace.

  36. Derlandvermesser

    It’s as simple as getting Ad Blocker software cool guy. I haven’t seen an ad in 6 months

  37. chamblizi


  38. ARok2010

    I LOVE T-Pain. No homo

  39. WeaponOfMyDestructio

    I want that coffin

  40. coolman5242

    So I have to wait for a 30 second ad? to load? with no skip feature? Times like this is when I wish Moneytube would die for a few months

  41. samboy1288

    the michael anthony casket i LOVE IT

  42. SuBsAnDwIcH200

    Hey, thats my wife man!

  43. Baitgsad

    I buy you a dayum drank!

  44. jakassme

    the 1 dislike was from china il

  45. FuckFaceOblivion

    30 minute SquidBillies is MY wish.

  46. omegalordvega

    @IndyBits Lol, I came here just to see Early say that again.

  47. madashell1200

    That new Big E joint featuring T-Pain sounds hot.

  48. thomasg2488

    And that coffin is the reason why I’m getting cremated. BUT, I will say that is one bad ass coffin.

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