Apr 02

Lamb of God – Redneck

Music video by Lamb of God performing Redneck. (C) 2006 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. yxxvb

    who searched redneck?

  2. Matthew Miller

    Randy Blythe and Corey Taylor share bookwriting skills. Those mo’fo’s know they shit better than any human on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. FancyToMi

    linkin park is  not better because lamb of god is metal and metal is not music! POINT

  4. heyyo239

    for those who thinks linkinpark is better have clearly no taste of real music….

  5. heyyo239

    u clearly dont have any taste of real music..cmon linkin park!!!!!!!!

  6. nicktenaciousd420

    Linkin park is fuckin gay

  7. YaoiHuntressEarth

    This video is genius.

  8. Armindo Ribeiro

    It is. Groove metal, to be more specific.

  9. 6angel6emo6

    I want a birthday party like this XD

  10. JtAc420

    WTF!!! you are joking right?..I don’t dislike linkin park but they don’t have shit on Lamb of God actual excrement lol

  11. Ryan Beaupre

    if i could get lamb of god to sing at my b-day id have a good birthday for once

  12. kiler10o2

    These guys are fucking bender rednecks screaming cause their holes are sore, .Linkin Park are far better rock than this shit

  13. MrPopcorn4ever


  14. Carter Laird

    if anyone could check out the recordings we have on our page thatd be sick! just give us ur opinion if u can

  15. ultimatel1

    Paused at 0:29, i know what is coming next :)).
    Now back to the video.

  16. Bob Zilla

    Damn rights ! AND the family of the man who tragically died met with Randy and told him they had no ill will towards him. Suck on THAT, Jimmy Saville

  17. Marcus Rydström

    It’s not his fault that retards run up on the stage when it’s not allowed.

  18. 12345fokus


  19. SaiyanPrinceVEVO

    Cool pop music

  20. Justin Bieber

    I know you guys hate me but the truth is, I’m metal too!

  21. Tee Boner

    fuck yeah, I see ghost in the corner!

  22. ImTroxic

    Lol you have no idea what you are talking about.

  23. ศราวุธ บุญเชิดชู


    ชอบ มาก ครับ

  24. Michael Conley

    You cant just change wikipedia now.. there were issues with that and now whatever you submit has to be researched and confirmed by the editors now.. its much more genuine than it used to be

  25. mihir78900

    I’m not gettig pissed lol, although it is hard to tell my tone through text, so I apologise if it may seem like I’m angry or shouting

    It is metal bro
    and don’t say “oh its wikipedia anyone can change itt”
    but yeah its metal whether you like it or not
    What’s metal to you?
    Metal isn’t one fixed type of music, there are many different variations.
    I think the harsh vocals make this more metal than rock

  26. Chris Burkadt



    i like this song but im not a redneck

  28. Eric Ingram

    ny rednecks holler

  29. Jacob Picquet

    born a rebel die as a rebel

  30. Colin Oglesby

    I <3 your profile pic!!!!!

  31. ToyotaCountryredneck

    Rollin’ like a Redneck in NY.

  32. RedneckGirl516

    <3 Georgia Girl! :)

  33. levikporter

    Man this song is so west virgina rednecks

  34. chris whittinghill

    Kentucky!!! represent

  35. Wadey Wade

    Thumbs up if yall heard of Daryl n Merle Dixon

  36. Corina Post

    Yeah Buddy rolling like a redneck

  37. Terri Tennyson

    You guys “F”n rock Tn. redneck born and raised now a southern redneck love yall’s stuff

  38. angelica meadows

    hell ya lovd this damn song

  39. TheMegan1694

    Hell yea

  40. summer blanchard

    country :) <3 full redneck right here :)

  41. sosouthern615

    SoSouthern 615 MiddleTenn soufside

  42. ryansbeast14

    Apple pie moonshine = mmmmm

  43. southernsmoke481

    Sup this is a must

  44. twilightvampie


  45. John Neeley


  46. Heather Jones

    southern girl for life :)

  47. lacey white


  48. Bryton Sowers

    gettin dirty in ohio!

  49. FreshMatt12171

    o yeah jawga boy right here

  50. nick reeves

    hell yea

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