Apr 01

Rednecks with a GoPro Part 1

Summer time fun in Ontario Music: Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face For more info on Pretty Lights, check out: http://prettylightsmusic.com/ http://i…
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Skatanic Rednecks play at CWC skatepark in Nashville, TN for 2 hrs and then the police showed up.


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  1. brapboys503

    Us rednecks know how to party! Fuck yeah!

  2. Sebastian Balos

    I did check out some of your vids… I will definitely keep that in mind once the weather gets warmer.. Cheers

  3. calvinpiels

    should come ride with us sometime, check out some of my videos, we ride everything and take em all down green mountain and all the trails around it. look through my vids for green mountain theres a few and weve never been nailed down there we take trucks atvs sleds dirtbikes it’s a blast with riding from every skill level

  4. Sebastian Balos

    I hear you… Ive been saying that for a while now..

  5. calvinpiels

    i ride north of lindsay and up near gooderham and haliburton, nice trails and fairly quiet like up there. gettin harder to find places to get out and have fun like that without gettin bugged by the cops

  6. Sebastian Balos

    haha… Simcoe forests just north of Barrie!

  7. calvinpiels

    where abouts is this im comin rippin with you dudes, check out the vids of my atv i’ll bring the tunes and the beer cooler lol

  8. hennessy122

    Gnar dawg

  9. tamarindochile

    is cressey rice in this video?

  10. pacetanner

    no wonder the cops showed up some one kill the crappy music

  11. xemoxguy

    this band is so horrible that it’s awesome.

  12. Dillon Vaughn

    6:30 Kyle Terry is an idiot.

  13. abicaducious

    WHAT THE HELL??? when was this?

  14. K12B4B


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