Mar 10

The Notting Hillbillies – Feel Like Going Home

Didn’t find this one here, Mark Knopfler Guy Fletcher Steve Phillips Brendan Croker Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. musik102

    TerrySleeper says “Nice to hear Bradford lad Brendan singing like a real American”
    Really? It would be a lot better - and truer – if Brendan sang like a guy from Bradford!.
    Or, better you’d be be happy if Charlie sang it like a guy from Northern England!

  2. habibkhalil1

    the song that I was listening five years ago when I felt so lonely and so far away frim home

  3. TheSkunk68

    Perfetta!.Niente altro da dire!

  4. heretykolog

    Twarze niektórych muzyków wydają się być nieświadome dzieła które tworzą. Klawiszowy się dobrze bawi. A jednak wyszło arcydziełko. Niesamowita formacja. Powtarzałbym ten teledysk do jutra, ale mi się oddech i serce zatrzymuje pod jego wpływem a to może zaszkodzić.

  5. jaz0262

    Brings goosebumps and tears everytime I hear it.. Just love it….

  6. rubbishrider861

    my personal fave version of this song is tim minchin’s. :D

  7. makemeateeshirt

    everybody’s got a story

  8. TerrySleeper

    Nice to hear Bradford lad Brendan singing like a real American.

  9. lyonslaforet

    The Notting Hillbillies’ project is very bit as interesting as Dire Straits! They should reform for a world tour!

  10. bluethunder316

    way to go hillbilies you could not be any better

  11. Dunollieman

    Great video, fantastic song. A friend of mine (Roger in the toolroom) introduced me to the Nottinghillbillies when I was working in Ca. several years ago. Scotty (Iowa USA)

  12. woosryusei


  13. arenasel10

    Mark Knopfler play the guitar like the angels! i am spanish, here is low of fans!

    Great Mark Knopfler!

  14. DogSwede1

    A Pensa Suhr MK1, used a lot during the On Every Street-tour 1992 with Dire Straits.

  15. hewcharles

    What kind of guitar is MK playing?

  16. mark470

    Lord I feel like going home
    I tried and I failed
    And I’m tired and weary

  17. BWild82

    The epitome of taste and emotion. THANK YOU for posting this!

  18. aussietv2

    Thanks, i capped this video :)

  19. MMLD1959

    Merci Thierry,du partage ,c’est superbe.Amicalement,Marie

  20. ToniCarp

    Great song …it’s cool that Mark from Dire straights is apart of that…really cool

  21. TomCPH

    This one of the finest guitar solos ever!
    Thanks for posting!

  22. mjthomas14

    Beautiful song !!

  23. lulabellalu

    There really isn’t much Steve Phillips on here. He’s got such a cool voice!

  24. norwayfinland

    takk for this puting this on it brings back good memorys of my dad;-)greets

  25. prompen3

    Hmm funny coincidense
    Me and my dad was just discussing The Nothing Hillbillies during dinner an hour or so ago!:)

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