Aug 01

Roy Lanham and the Whips-killer guitar!

Roy Lanham was one of the best. The fact that he kept in western circles all his life didn’t hide the fact that he was in fact also one of the top jazz guitarists of all time. Here Roy and his band the Whip-Oor-Wills show why they were one of the greatest ensembles of the 1940′s.
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  1. unclejosh1955

    Doug Dalton was the mandolin player in the Whipporwills.He was also a great guitar player as well.Roy was a cousin to me and one of the best to come out of Corbin Kentucky outside of my dad.Amazing picker’s they were!

  2. ma5maw7

    @jazzdoggie How cool when you see your dad!I know its that way for me.My dads Carl Stewart which played with Hank Penny and a few others.

  3. ArkRed1

    What happened to the Stomberg guitar? They were great rhythm jazz guitars.

  4. UMIBL

    Is Juanita still alive???

  5. UMIBL

    Fabulous!!! Love ‘em on the Smiley Burnette show too. I play an episode every week on my radio show.

  6. Sixalienasa

    Whats the matter when you choose Full Screen and the screen is dark?

  7. ratherknotty

    He even backed the Delmore Brothers!!!!!!!

  8. RockinEd

    He also played the lead gtr parts on some of the Fleetwoods records

  9. NickRatnieks

    Gene Vincent must have copped the hats after seeing this for the Blue Caps. Fantastic clip- it’s so good to see more of Roy Lanham and the Whippoorwills as well

  10. Beachcrib


  11. AtlantaSpike

    What a monster. And how about those hats!

  12. DonJulioBlanco2002

    I like how Doug and Roy start to take a solo at the same time. Nice recovery.

  13. ArkRed1

    Got to jam with Roy Lanham a couple of times. What a great guy and a great guitar player. RIP Mr. Roy.

  14. signjay

    Sweet Georgia Brown’s real name was Juanita Vastine, a perfectly fine name in itself. Perhaps someone thought it sounded too Mexican.

  15. signjay

    No, it’s not Homer and Jethro, though it’s an easy mistake. Gene, Doug and Roy all knew Homer and Jethro and were very like-minded in their approach to jazz on stringed instruments. Like H&J, Roy and the Whips spent their careers in the “country” world, despite being fine jazz players. Roy and Co. seldom left California, and H&J seldom left the Southeast and the Midwest, so their paths didn’t cross much, but they were mutual fans. I need to ask Doug Green if his Stromberg might be this one.

  16. cheezervvvvv

    was just reading a back issue of gp magazine when I read about roy, Deke thanks for posting this.I have another new guitar hero.

  17. MrStringduster

    Really enjoyed this video – Gene Monbeck and his family were personal friends of mine – I used to babysit with his children.

  18. wrinkledupgeazer

    Holy Shit! It can’t get any better than that!

  19. hillbillyboy77

    I love it so much! Thanks a lot

  20. maddenji

    I believe that is Homer and Jethro on the mandolin and rythym guitar

  21. AtlantaSpike

    Holy cow this is awesome. The Stromberg the rhythm guy is playing is unbelievable.

  22. gnuages

    More of Lanham please Deke!?

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